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December 28 2012




if you don’t think history is amusing then you’re wrong because one time 3 different guys declared themselves pope all at once and they all excommunicated each other and it was basically the funniest thing ever

what about that time the Lichtenstein army sent 80 men to Italy to fight and came back with 81  

what about that one mexican president who lasted 45 minutes in office


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killed-by-moffat supporting group
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Zamiast błogosławić będę dawał lajki
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The Night Rider, by bubug

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December 27 2012

Maybe they need to pay him so that he wouldn't become homicidal (in case somebody didn't notice, the first one is actually by Hitler)

December 26 2012

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It’s smaller on the outside!
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Are we just going to ignore the fact that Moffat
did it

via Bowties N' Dinosaurs
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the universe is burning again: amelia 'amy' jessica pond and kara 'starbuck' thrace
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